Nguyen Khoi Nguyen is a filmmaker, musician, and educator. He is the author of the multimedia graphic novel, The Gulf. Nguyen is the vocalist, pianist, composer and bandleader of the jazz trio: Superior Cling. As a filmmaker, Nguyen produces animation, documentaries, and narrative films.
Nguyen is currently a video and digital media lecturer at Loyola University Maryland. He was a senior video producer/editor at Science magazine from 2014-2018. Nguyen has received three American Graphic Design Awards, an Excel award, and a Malofiej award. He was a 2014 Strathmore Fine Artist in Residence, received a DC Commission for the Arts Artist Fellowship Grant in 2013, and was a Watson Fellow in 2005.  
Nguyen studied visual art at the Cooper Union, music and integrated arts at Bard College, and completed a master’s degree in jazz piano at the University of Maryland. He was born in Saigon, Vietnam, raised in Cape Coral, Florida, and currently resides in  Baltimore, MD with his wife and terrier.
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Instagram: ngknguyen
Nguyên Khôi Nguyễn
Twitter: @ngknguyen
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