Highlights from video projects
Animation & Motion Graphics reel
XX Files
Web series
Urban planet
By 2050, 80% of us will live in cities. Here’s what that’s going to mean for the environment.
Chiral molecules from outer space
First mirror image molecule spotted in interstellar space.
Flying robots
Perching saves energy but sticking the landing has been a tough engineering problem.
Seeing Hallucinations
Breakthrough of the Year 2015
Science video
PBS spots
Charitable giving spots for PBS
Neil's Gettysburg Reply
Science video
Quantum Tunneling In The Smallest Water Droplet
Science video
Into The Dollhouse
Teaser for movie
Weddings: Dance Videos
Dance sequences from wedding videos
Marmoset Baby Talk
Science video
2014 Breakthrough of the Year
Science video
Promo video for inscape* chamber orchestra
Music video
Dear Steph & Jimmy
Dance video
National Orchestral Institute
Promo videos
Video series
Young & In Love: Karaoke Suite
6 original karaoke videos
Sharon Mansur: Improvisations
Dance videos
Community of Hope
Promo video
Clarice Smith Center 10th Anniversary
Promo video
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